Downtown NY end of summer kickoff run

Week 1: 10-mile test run to see if I can cover the terrain over the next several months in Music and Downtown New York, 1950s-60s, a book I plan to complete during this time. Reasonable time to run through the streets of Manhattan: 7:30am Sunday (8/29/2021). Key to some of the places I ran by (or near) is below.















  1. Canal and Allen (passed up a chance to rent a 2,000 square foot loft here for $500 a month with bff Dan in 1980)
  2. John Cale, Lou Reed, Tony Conrad residence (mid-1960s)
  3. Sonny Rollins residence (late 1950s)
  4. Cecil Taylor residence (1960)
  5. John Cage residence (early 1950s)
  6. Amphitheater in final concert scene in Wild Style (1982)
  7. Tuli Kupferberg’s (The Fugs) birthplace
  8. Cecil Taylor residence (mid-1950s)
  9. CBGB
  10. Sun Ra residence (1960s)
  11. Five Spot Café
  12. LeRoi and Hettie Jones residence
  13. Fillmore East
  14. The Dom/Electric Circus
  15. St. Marks Church in-the-bowery
  16. Lead Belly residence (1940s)
  17. Charlie Parker residence (early 1950s)
  18. Peace Eye Books (Ed Sanders)
  19. Allen Ginsberg residence (1965-)
  20. Charles Theater (Sun Ra debut, 1962)
  21. Pocket Theater (Cage-Satie marathon concert; La Monte Young w/John Cale)
  22. John Cohen loft
  23. Jean-Michel Basquiat’s residence/studio (1980s)
  24. Charles Mingus’s loft (mid-1960s)
  25. Ladies Fort (1970s)
  26. Studio Rivbea (1970)
  27. Steve Lacy residence