3 square miles

Week 3:  7 miles to run the circumference of downtown: Canal in the south to Fourteenth Street at the northern end; and South Street/FDR Drive on the east side to West Street on the west side. At roughly 2 miles (east-west) by 1.5 miles (south-north) that’s 3 square miles, some of the most fertile artistic terrain anywhere.  7:30am Sunday (9/19/2021). Key to some of the places on the outer edge (or near) is below.

  1. Dave’s Luncheonette
  2. John Cage residence (early 1950s)
  3. Wild Style amphitheater
  4. Academy of Music/Palladium
  5. Max’s Kansas City
  6. Warhol’s second factory location (1968-74)
  7. Living Theater
  8. Bank Street block with residences of George Russell (1950s-), Bill Dixon (1959-), La Monte Young (1960-), John Cage (1970s), Yoko Ono and John Lennon (1971-72)
  9. Half Note
  10. Fluxhall (Fluxus space)